We are a registered charity with 100% of tax deductible donations going directly to the purchase and delivery of feed and food vouchers to those in need.

We do all of our work through a wonderful and dedicated team of volunteers. Most of our volunteers have strong connections to the country, having lived in regional and remote areas.

This means our volunteers understand the unique challenges those in remote and regional areas face as well as the culture of the Aussie battlers who brave tough conditions to make a living and provide our fresh Australian produce.

Farmers are often at the mercy of severe circumstances, such as drought or flood which, if ongoing, can decimate a farming community and way of life.  These conditions can effectively wipe out a years income for farmers or ,in the case of drought, many more.

Remote farming communities and local businesses are also dependent on farming  to remain viable and provide local services and employment.

Western Air Care provides support and assistance to communities effected by these significant challenges.

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