Our board members have a diverse range of experience, having all worked in farming communities, and are dedicated to supporting those in need.

Dave and Kerry Jackson

Dave and Kerry have been supporting the rural farmers for 28 years following drought, flood and fires. Dave has been a Chaplain for the Rural Fire Service for more than 20 years. Dave is also a pilot and has previously used his own plane (a Cessna 182 DHDLK) ,purchased by selling their home, to move around central Australia working with farmers and remote communities in need.

Dave was born and bred on a farm and understands the unique needs of rural communities. As a result, Dave is well equipped to help those who are financially and emotionally impoverished through difficult circumstances on their land.

Kerry is a registered nurse and works closely with Dave. Kerry’s nursing training enables her to understand individuals and communicate with those in acute need, particularly with country women, as she provides practical and emotional support.

Michael and Janene Dutschke

Michael and Janene understand first hand the effects of drought, having lost their farm in 2010 due to this. They now lease land in order to continue working as farmers.

In 2011 Michael and Janene travelled to Uganda to meet Moses, a friend’s sponsor child. Upon witnessing first hand the poverty and disease amongst the children in villages they set up Life Charity Focus. This was a initially a rural/village based medical service for children to be tested and receive free medication for HIV.

As the service Life Charity Focus provided grew Michael and Janene joined with other members of the Nyngan community, raising funds to build a school and boarding facilities for HIV affected children.  Today, Life Charity Focus continues to provide testing for  children as well as medication to those who are HIV positive. Michael and Janene also work with others in Life Charity Focus, raising sponsorship for these children to attend the boarding school.

Michael and Janine are currently pastors of Nyngan Christian Community Centre.

Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter has owned a successful air-conditioning company on the North Shore of Sydney for more than 20 years. Andrew’s astute abilities in business have enabled him to build this company from a family business to one which employees 16 staff.

Andrew has been working as a volunteer for not-for-profit organisations and on charitable boards for the last 30 years.

Andrew is committed to honesty and excellence in business, with a vision to launch and build charities that assist those who are in need and who may be overlooked in mainstream support.

Andrew is actively involved in fund raising for the farmers through Western Air Care and travels regularly at his own expense to rural and remote communities during hay runs and other support activities to provide hands on assistance. Andrew is also well known for organising teams to travel with him and to join him in fundraising activities.

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